What Services Do We Provide 

*We visit long-term care facilities routinely to talk to residents and monitor conditions. 

*We investigate and work to resolve problems or complaints affecting long-term care residents. 

*We identify problem areas in long-term care and advocate for change. 

*We provide information about long-term care and related services. 

*We promote resident, family and community involvement in long-term care. 

*We educate the community about the needs of long-term care residents. 

*We coordinate efforts with other agencies concerned with
long-term care. 

*We educate facility staff about resident rights and other issues. 


There is no charge for services provided by the Long-term Care Ombudsman Program; however, contributions are appreciated and they are tax-deductible.

What Are Ombudsman Responsibilities

Ombudsman responsibilities outlined in Title VII of the Older Americans Act include: 

*identify, investigate and resolve complaints made by or on behalf of residents; 

*provide information to residents about long-term care services;

*represent the interests of residents before governmental agencies and seeking administrative, legal and other remedies to protect residents.

*analyze, comment on and recommend changes in laws and regulations pertaining to the health, safety, welfare and rights of residents; 

*educate and inform consumers and the general public regarding issues and concerns related to long-term care and facilitate public comment on laws, regulations, policies and actions; 

*promote the development of citizen organizations to participate in the program; 

*provide technical support for the development of resident and family councils to protect the well-being and rights of residents, 

*advocate for changes to improve residents’ quality of life and care.


Ombudsman Programs around the state are looking for volunteers. 

If you would like to become a volunteer for your area Ombudsman Program, please look for your local Ombudsman Program on the About Us Page and give them a call today.

Georgia Council of Community Ombudsmen